The basic rate is $205 per day for a couple with young children. For a second and third couple at $90 each. Minimum of 5 days. This includes everything except the cost of food and drink. Errands are done by our staff who also prepare breakfast and lunch, but dinner, if you require it, means overtime since the staff normally leave at five. Ubud, incidentally, has plenty of restaurants for all prices and palates.

There is a service charge of 10% which is paid directly to the staff.

A car with our own driver is available at around $30 per day depending on the size of the car and period of the rental.

Please note you cannot drive up to the house, if you could it wouldn’t be so secluded. There is a 300 metre footpath leading from the main road to the house.


This site is intended to whet your appetite. If you are interested and want to find out more we’ll send you details and photos on request.


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